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Hi Deborah.
Wanted to get in touch to say since I last saw you there’s been a remarkable change in my drinking habits. At home, I haven’t once felt the urge for a drink and have even visited “the fridge” and not felt the need to open a wine/beer. A big thank you for getting me on the right path, don’t think I could of done it without you! Really happy with how it’s going and feel comfortable in myself with this and it’s all thanks to you😊
Thanks again and hopefully I won’t have the need to darken your doorstep again! Ryan

Thank you for all your guidance, care and support over the last three years. I couldn’t have got to where I am today without you. You’ve been brilliant and I just wanted to tell you as much. Please accept these blooms. You deserve them! Faye x

When I decided to seek therapy I saw it as an admission of weakness. By the time I’d finished I knew it was an expression of strength. Deborah was professional, understanding and brilliant to work with. I’d thoroughly recommend anyone thinking about talking to a professional for whatever reason to give her a call”. L.Stephen.  

I just wanted to drop you a line firstly to say thank you for your parting words to me at our final session. And your hug went straight to my core, I’ll never forget that, and was in tears on my walk to work (in a good way!) so thank you. I really got a lot out our time together. Liz. 

When I first came into counselling with Deborah, I didn’t realise how much my life would change over the period of 2 years of working with her. There is no more drama or chaos in my life and I’ve become more balanced. I have learned to live with the most important person in my life – me. And the positive effect is reflected by the quality relationship I now have in my life. I am truly grateful to you Deborah – you held my hand through a very painful but empowering and liberating journey in my life! Maria-Lena. 

Thanks so much Debbie for all your help over the past few years. You’ve helped me understand why I felt as I did and, crucially, helped me see that I can and deserve a happy and rewarding future. Your patience, support and willingness to go over and above what I or others may expect along with your compassion have been a real comfort and inspiration to me. I cannot thank you enough, you’ve given me so much and I will be forever in your debt. Paul. 

Thank you for your timely help and support for our daughter. You helped her in the time of crises and it meant a lot to us as parents. Ajay. 

I cannot thank you enough Debbie for the help and support you have provided me over the past year. I was depressed, miserable, lonely and very confused and I didn’t understand why. For the two years previous to finding you, I’d tried numerous ways of trying to get better; reading self-help articles on-line, Mindfulness and CBT groups and meditation but all with no success; these approaches actually made me feel worse, as I was willing myself to get better and the added pressure made me more anxious. Your approach has finally made me understand what it was I was going through and you explained it to me, so that for the first time in three years,  it all makes sense. I still had to work at it, and I still am, but now I feel I have a better skill-set to deal with the challenges in my life and things in me that I want to work on. I now find myself recalling advice from my sessions with you in my day-to-day life, that help me best judge what to do and stay calm through situations that would have previously made me stressed and anxious. Debbie, you have completely changed my life; I can now, not only deal with situations in life that would have previously have made me panic, but you have also taught me to look at myself and understand the person I am; I can honestly say I am a better person for the work we did together. Thanks again Debbie. Shauna. 

Having struggled with relationships throughout my life, I needed someone to talk to who could help me work through these issues. The sessions with Debbie were open and honest and I felt that we built up a trusting relationship. I have learned to cope better and have been able to discuss a lot of difficult issues in a safe and comfortable environment. Thank you for your emotional support and help. Sam. 

Saying thank you just isn’t enough, so hopefully you already know how much our sessions have meant to me. You picked me up and put me back on my feet, showing me a new way of seeing things – I will never forget that. Emma. 

The support, wisdom and help you have given me, I shall never forget. I hope our paths will cross again. Paul. 

So many of us and just one of you! What you offer helps me understand, grow and continue to enquire. Nick. 

Debbie, you are so encouraging, warm and genuine – don’t ever change. Thank you for your patience and holding. The most important thing you gave always to me is you knew just how to meet me – an experience I cherish – I will miss you. Sarah. 

Debbie, I have taken so much from you and will remember and cherish your insights, wisdom and challenges. You have helped me work through a lot of sadness. Jackie. 

This has been a poignant space for me, because of you, thank you. Avril. 

The honesty and integrity with which you work have been a source of admiration to me. Thank you for all the support you have given me over the years working together. Denise. 

Thank you for creating an environment where I felt comfortable to be open and honest. Adrian. 

Thank you for holding a very important part of myself. In many ways you are my role model – if you can do it, I can do it, love Lucia. 

A really big thank you for two reasons: I have learned so much about myself; this personal journey has uncovered feelings and thoughts I thought I had dealt with – but clearly I hadn’t! And, for helping me discover what I really want to do with my life. Thank you for helping me realise what I can and want to do! Sarah. 

Thank you for listening and giving me so much of your time and attention. These sessions will always be remembered by me and I am going to practice being half as patient as you are. Lots of thanks, Lesley. 

Debbie, you have seen me grow over the years and I will continue to do so. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t. Mita. 

Thank you for your sharp intelligence and warm holding and openness, with much appreciation, Sanjay. 

Over the past year, I have found that your warm caring approach has made it safe for me to share what I thought I would never share with anyone – and I am glad I did – thank you for making it safe for me to discover myself. Kam. 

Thank you so much for all your help over the months. I feel that I have come so far and have crossed a lot of barriers which I never thought possible. It has been an absolute pleasure being able to talk to you about my problems and not to feel judged or awkward. Thank you for your time. Becky. 

Although it’s been tough at times your ongoing support Debbie and encouraging feedback has, I feel, proven its merit. A heartfelt thank you. Charlotte. 

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! Thank you for listening, sharing and showing me how to take care of myself. But above all, you have been so warm, kind and caring towards me! I will miss you, but the time has come for me to go it alone… I will always carry you inside me. Hanh. 

You have helped me on my journey and I can’t believe I made it through my blocks. Thank you for all your help and positive support – you have helped boost my confidence.  Tina. 

You are the consummate professional. I hold you in a place of great affection and respect as a counsellor and as a woman. I could not have done this without you beside me, love Angie. 

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and understanding. I am confident in knowing that I have taken a small piece of you that I will always have with me. Thank you again, much love and best wishes, Johanna. 

You have supported me throughout and have kept me grounded –thank you for keeping me in check!  Tracy. 

I have really benefitted from your guidance and support, thank you. Natalie. 

Thank you very much for being there. I have really appreciated your support; it has felt very special to me. With love and deepest regard Komal. 

You are great. I am really grateful for your insight and wisdom and your encouragement. I have appreciated your support and kindness and I couldn’t have found my way through without your help. Thank you. Simon. 

You have been a very important role model for me and have supported me through all my struggles. Your style is different and you have helped me become a more balanced person. Thank you, Tracey.  

Your lack of assuming anything has let me grow. Your groundedness and honesty are beautiful, thank you. Ellen. 

You have encouraged me to grow in many ways. I felt your unconditional support has always been there and I have fully appreciated your intuitive sense as well as your knowledge and life experience. Thank you, Michaela. 

I give my thanks for all your help and encouragement that you so lovingly and unstintingly gave me – you have a generous heart. Caroline. 

Debbie, just thought this poem was a lovely way to remind you what you have taught me and to share with you my gratitude: Karen. 

Be not like the child in all ways, child,
For the child in his impatient curiosity pries open the bud,
And the blossom he so wished to see
Is lost to everyone on earth forever.
Let thyself unfold thyself,
Without manipulation even by thee.
Let thy life also unfold itself around thee,
Without manipulation by thyself.
Removing impatience, let thy curiosity
Play lightly over this soft unfolding,
Which is essential to the flower of thyself,
Foe thyself and thy life and the world are one.
If you will but try this soft unfolding, child,
Then the flower of thyself will be
Both more than you can possibly imagine,
And all that you have wished and longed to be.

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