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Emotional Therapy

Emotional therapy can vary according to you and the way that you perceive your concerns. Generally, it would relate to someone suffering with turmoil in their lives which may be effecting the way they manage their day to day living. By supporting you in working through your feelings, I can help you to heal original past emotional wounds, which are often at the root of current problems.

There is much evidence suggesting that the suppression of emotions can lead to ill health, persistent unhappiness, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, addictions, relationship problems, eating disorders and suicidal feelings. I can help identify and help you cope with the associated feelings allowing you to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.I work with individuals in safe and confidential setting  and build trust to help you overcome emotional issues.

I provide therapy that aids your own natural inner healing creativity, thus empowering you and bringing you a greater self-knowledge and personal strength from which you can more effectively cope with, and enrich your life.

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