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Benefits of Therapy: The Importance of Self-Development

The prospect of beginning a journey of self-exploration may seem daunting; many of us feel a strong urge to run a mile in the opposite direction whenever anyone mentions ‘counselling’ or ‘self-development. The idea of opening up, sharing our concerns, thoughts and fears may well seem odd or dangerous to many people. Although we feel most at risk when we contemplate baring our soul, it is, paradoxically, from the genuine responses from the counsellor that we stand to learn something about ourselves as honestly as we can in a safe environment.

Aspects of our lives can be very distressing – careers or work, family, relationships and life changing events. We have traditionally built up defences to distress and have become ‘toughened up’. However, most of us are familiar with the support of a family member or close friend but sometimes this is not enough when we find we can not move forward with what is concerning us.

Many people now accept that talking through problems is beneficial and the word counselling or therapy comes readily to anyone seeking opportunity to talk and be listened to. Imagine how you would feel if:

  • you were offered a range of solutions to problems?
  • you were able to manage your anxiety?
  • you understood why events keep happening to you?
  • found ways in which to manage difficult people or situations?
  • you understood why habits form and how you can begin to change them?
  • your feelings were clarified and understood?
  • confusion dissipated?
  • you felt safe in which to grieve?
  • you felt safe to express pent up feelings without judgement

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