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Relationship Counselling

You might be struggling to relate to your children or finding it hard to communicate with your partner, family members or friends even. Relations with your boss or colleagues can sometimes lead you in to difficulty at work. Relationships can be problematic from time to time and we often despair when they fail. Arguments and miscommunication can leave us feeling angry, disappointed, rejected and lonely.

We learned from our family of origin how to relate often picking up unhelpful habits that later restrict our lives and when stressed or under pressure we often revert back to these early familiar patterns and we become stuck. The family scapegoat may find it easy to take the blame from the boss or colleagues when projects go wrong. The child who was bullied may be drawn in to receiving criticism from an overbearing boss. Any relationship that diminishes a person’s self-esteem should be examined closely.

Having self-respect and liking oneself are the most important attributes for healthy relationships. If you find these are lacking you may consider counselling to help improve the way you relate to others around you and learn to break free from old patterns to realise your potential. Making a conscious choice to learn new skills develops self-esteem and self-confidence.

Listed below are some common relationship issues:

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  • finding a partner, or the right partner for you
  • step-families /extended families
  • disagreements & arguments
  • jealousy
  • fear of committing
  • adultery
  • imbalances in power
  • breaking up
  • sexual problems
  • domestic violence
  • problematic friendships
  • trouble in working relationships
  • parenting conflicts

For further help, please call 07870 127 650 : email me direct : use contact form.


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