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Abortion Counselling

If your pregnancy is unplanned (or planned and your situation has changed) it can leave you feeling confused, stressed and with mixed feelings about your future. The decision to end a pregnancy can be easy for some but more difficult for others, depending upon your circumstances such as relationship / cultural pressures. It is important that you make the decision for yourself and not be pressurised by others. Those who suffer the most are not in stable relationships, suffering from abuse or those under the age of 16. Counselling can help you understand your feelings but it is not designed that I tell you whether or not you should have an abortion. It is a first step in thinking through your choices and your feelings.

After an abortion

You may experience unexpected feelings after an abortion and find that you are not coping in ways that you anticipated. You may have made a practical and rational decision to terminate your pregnancy but are left with feelings of sadness, guilt, loss or regret. Talking through these feelings help you to make closure and find ways in which to move forward in your life.

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