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The danger about stress is that it can easily creep up on you. If you have not learned to recognise your stress levels it starts to feel normal and you don’t notice how much it’s affecting you. Unrecognised, it can take a heavy toll on your health and relationships.

Stress is a normal physical response to events that make us feel threatened or upset. You may be stressed over an accumulation of a busy schedule or having had an argument with a family member for instance, but the body responds as though it’s dealing with a life-or-death situation. Not all stressful events are negative. Anything that places a high demand on you can be stressful like getting married, job promotion, buying a house. Stress can be self-inducing like worrying about things that may never happen or having pessimistic and negative thoughts about yourself or how others perceive you.

Long term stress can be very harmful to the body. Chronic stress causes sleepless nights, high blood pressure, affects the immune system, increases risk of heart attacks and strokes and many more. Chronic stress leaves you vulnerable to depression.

We have more control over our stress than we believe. Learning relaxation techniques and taking charge of our life and the decisions we make can reduce the effects of stress. We can learn by focusing on how we relate to stressful events in our life but on a deeper level, discovering the link to deeply buried unconscious beliefs you have about people and the world is the route to unlocking the deep-seated patterns of response and behaviour.

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